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Meeting of Multicultural Educators 2007 Wiki - Reflection on Values 差分

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Please write about the following:
#What did you understand about the talk on values and what you did you not understand.
#How would you classify your own values?

!My reflection - wakana (2007-07-04 (水) 10:16:45)
In the last class I understood that there are some dimensions of values. It was so interesting for me to compare Japan's value with my value. It was not always the same. I can't understand Long-term Orientation well. I can't image the concrete image. About me, a value of Individualism was different from Japan's value. I have strong collectivity. It is danger to imagine every person have the same values.
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!無題 - shin (2007-07-04 (水) 09:50:02)
In the last class, I learnd other country's sense of
values. And I I wonder that there are the academic
way to classify the culture(the values of people ).
But the date is relative, so it doesn't have absolute
authority. We must take care of not taking it for
granted that the date is own values.


!My reflection - taichi (2007-07-04 (水) 04:12:01)
In this class,I learned the demention for values in many countries.And I understood what they have values in each countries.There were values which were different from my opinions.Espcialy I surprised that Japan is masculine country.I classify my values for relations to society.I hink people live with other people

!Reflection on Values - keichan (2007-07-04 (水) 02:36:37)
I understood that what they placed importance on in each countries. It deffers with the country. Now I will mention one of the values that we learned : Masculinity. People think that Japan is a masculine country. It may be natural that they think so becauce Japanese have lived in this way- Men have to be assertive, tough, and be bosses in their families, while women have to be more modest, tender, and concerned with the quokity of life. People have believed that this was ideal for their lifes. But this idea is going away now. People is coming to demand equality of the sex. So today's Japanese society is becoming feminine one. As many women do, I also want men to be gentle and want to build a happy home with my future husband. I think, however, men have their own natures that are different from  women. That might have made Japanese society masculine. So it is not true that men would do better to take their natures away. Men can be masculine and women can be feminine. They just should not discriminate against women, and should be considerate of women, I think.              

!My idea - sinketu(2007-07-04 (水) 00:04:07)
I wonder if the values of people could be changed by something unexpected. Because I think it is possible when one grows, his value will also grow. Maybe my opinion is a little strange, however, I am sure one is able to be changed.
When it comes to the question of Argentina, ‘Should children be given gifts for education and development or for entertainment and pleasure ?’  I have come across an idea that if children could be given gifts only for entertainment and pleasure until children themselves look forward for the gifts for education and development . Because I think one can gain more when one studies on one’s own initiative.


!Reflection on Values - satomi (2007-07-03 (火) 23:00:38)
I had already known Values and culture of Japan and USA. Last class, I study other country's sense of values.
I had thought Japan is country which have large power distance but not so. Iwant to know that Whether individualism doesn't have cooperation and partnership or not.
Japan has strong gender culture, someone say it is sex discrimination, but Ilike this Japanese old culture, because there is the reciprocal help : Men be strong or stately and protect family. Women quiet or graceful and suport a man with obedience. I yearn such a modesty woman. and Japanese old culture.  

!Reflection on Values - natsuki (2007-07-03 (火) 18:58:11)
I learned and thought many things through last class.Japan tends to be collectivist,Masculine,Uncertainty Avoidance and Long-Term Orientation.That figures.But I was surprised that Power distance is not so large.
I thought each country and each person has each value.Well then, what is it based on?It is diffucult for me to find the answers.But I think it concerns with the area involving climate,position,resource and so on,and religion and custom.They influence how we think and classify our own values.

!Reflection on Values - mikako (2007-07-03 (火) 17:07:55)
We learned about the values, and knew that there are the various values by every countries. Most surprising point was that even if same advanced country or same developing country are, they have different values for same dimension. For example, in Uncertainty Avoidance Japan is in Strong position(11th place〜13th place) but USA is in Weak position(62th position). It seems to avoid uncertainty because many Jananese people fears to fail. So the values doesn't depend on only economy or culture. It is influenced by various environment; religion, region, history, nature...and so on. So we need to understand to be various values by every country.
It is difficult for me to refer“How would you classify your own values?”It is very difficult question. I think the values is different from every person. I have myselfe values. And other had theirself values. So I think that we must receive and respect every values each other. One meaning of the "value" verb is "respect". We should just do so.

!Reflection - ayana (2007-07-03 (火) 15:59:12)
I learned five dimensions of values in last class.There were words thet I didn't know, so I felt a little difficult.But it was so interesting and useful for me.Especially,what I was interested in was about Masculinity.Japanese men are defined that they are assertive and Japanese women are modest, tender, and concerned with the quality of life.This is right and also there are wrong things.The age of my grandfather or grand mother,men were strong and work for supporting family,while women were protecting house.Now, both men and women work.I dont't think that which is right and which is wrong.If both men and women feel happy to take part in their each work,it connects quality og life,I think.

This time,learning dimensions of various countries,I felt that every countries have each characters.As "So many man,so many minds",countries have own minds.We have to accept and understand various cultures or characteristics,I thought.I wanted to learn these dimensions more and touch several cultures actually.

!Values - mika (2007-07-03 (火) 15:47:41)
There are many people in the world,and also there are many opinion and values. I learned power distance and individualism.Power distance is important for Russian.There is inequallity between members of institutions and they expect this inequallity. In opposite,Individualism is important for American.They look after themselves and their family.I could not understand about collectivism very well.I think I am in power distance.Most of Japanese make a group and work in the institutions.But recently, Japanese make a point of equallity.This is a good trend for our society.

!Reflection on Values - Mayuchan (2007-07-03 (火) 12:25:54)
I learned The Dimencions of values in each countriese. I was surprised that Japan is seen so by oter countriese. Especially, Japan is seen more Masculine in Dimension 3. I think it is old tradition. Japan was Masculine way in past, but now Japan is Feminine way.
How would I classfy my values is very difficult question. But I want to add value of human relations. Family, friends, lover and so on. I think it is very important value.

!Reflection - naoto (2007-07-02 (月) 17:16:07)
I learned 5 dimentions for values and almost understood each of them last class. Especially, I was interested in Masculinity. I think Japanese had a strong mosculinity at one time. For example, some old people think that men should work to maintain their family, while women should do housework. But this masculinity became weaker. For example, some women are assertive or tough, and some men are modest or tender. And not only men but also women work to maintain their family. These year, Japanese don't have strong masculinity as they had at one time. the present condition of Japan has changed and we need accept and cope with it for our future.


!Values - hiroyuki (2007-07-02 (月) 01:51:43)
Each country has a different values, I know. But it was a vague image what kind of values do people have. I understood that each country has several strong values among five values. It depends on the surroundings and influences where people live in. For example, a home discipline, religion, politic and thoughts. Japanese tend to conservative. We live with group-oriented and are cautious in unknown things. Of course the japanese is not like that. I wrote before, it depend on their surroundings.
And I could not understand is whether people can change their values in new surroundings or not. It is difficult to do so, but not impossible I think.

My values seems below.

Power distance is short. I am individualism and feminist. Uncertainly avoiding is depend on the situation. If I thought it was easy, I will not mind a uncertain. And I am in long-term orientation. As a thought became logical, I think that I came to have the sense of values that accepted the situation.

!Uncetainly Avoidance - naoki (2007-06-30 (土) 15:54:17)
In Japan,many people are affraid by uncertain,unknown,ambiguous,or unstructured situations and
I think so too.
I think this is occered by education of our country.
For example,one student answer the mathmatic question with wrong,
(Taro had one thouthand yen,and he bought two 100 yen candy and next he bought a 150 yen bread and finaly,he bought a 80 eracer yen.Then,how moch is the rest of his money?
It is a wrong answer.But if teacher immediatly say'it's wrong' and erace it,the child thought 'Studying is remembering the text immediatly.There are no need to think,just remmber...'

It is one of the couse of making Japanese children threatend to make mistakes and unknown things.
I want to tell students making mistake is very natural and if making some wrong,let's try to think about that together!
I spend days of the practice teaching in my summer vacation.

!Values - emiko (2007-06-30 (土) 11:04:25)
In last class, I could learn about values. I understood that there are many different values in the world. Until now, I didn't know only my own values. Thanks to last class, I could broaden my horizons. So, last class was very meaningful for me!
My own values is classified like the following.
○power distance…short power distance
○uncertainty avoidance…weak
○long-term orientation…long-term orientation
Especially, I think about long-term orientation. When I was a elementary school student, my values classified short-term orientation. But my values was changed to long-term orientation gradually. Maybe the reason is that I understood thinking about future is more important than pursuing an immediate profit. I think that values may change when we grow up.    

!Reflection - misato (2007-06-30 (土) 00:07:40)
I learned about values in last class. I could understand  that values are very different according to country. Maybe people who live same country have almost same values (Of course as Mr.Hall said some of them is not so.) and they make own country values, I think.
I think my own values is classified by elder person like my parents or my senior. For example about "Power distance", my values is large one. This is because my senior respects for their senior and they must always greet them when they meet and so on. I saw them and imitated their act. I get my values in this way. This is similar to input.
My values is classified like this (Power distance→Large, Individualism→Collectivism, Masculine→Feminine, Uncertainty Avoidance→Strong and Long-term Orientation). When I see the each chart, I can understand I am typical Japanese.
Through this talking, I learned there are many kind of values in the world and it is different from each other. So I don't think through just my values and my position but I want to have wide view and communicate with many other country people.


!Values - haruka (2007-06-29 (金) 19:37:58)
I think most of the opinion of 5 questions reflected Mr.JH’s presentation. For example, Japanese students not quite raise their hand in class. This supported the value of “Uncertainty Avoidance”. On the other, however, there was little correlation “Long-Term Orientation” clearly. From this, I think generalization about other culture is help us contact with people who has the culture, but we can not generalize too much about it. I think I can classify my own values by some small questions about life. It will help me to notice my extreme values if there any and take care about it. There were many difficult words in this unit, so I felt I have to study about it. This is good opportunity to learn meaningful words. Thanks it!